Your key to an exhilarating transformation
Your key to an exhilarating transformation

Your key to an exhilarating transformation

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Phase 1 - Creating the Foundation

This is a diversified effective workout!

The 30 Day Trilogy

Your Instructor - David Jetter

David Jetter designed The 30 Day Trilogy to give others the opportunity to experience this unique effective method of training at such a reasonable price. Using his self-originated philosophy of training called JetterBox. He created this holistic approach to training with his 30 years of experience in the combative/fitness industry. JetterBox is a uniquely designed program that strengthens the mind, body and spirit, that creates a tremendous improvement in one’s existence and self-esteem.

JetterBox differentiates itself by using a method of training that can’t be replicated specifically because the source comes from him. JetterBox integrates combative training, resistance training, core plus training, rotational execution and flexibility training and much more in one format. Your foundation similar to a house, if it is not built correctly it will collapse. The 30 Day Trilogy gives you the opportunity to become one with the exercise and improve oneself. I look forward to seeing you in the ring of progress.